About Us

Meet the Owners

Bob and Pat Weber are each one of six children. They were fortunate to have the experience of “camping” as young kids and loved it. Once married, they spent most of their vacations camping with their children.  They have camped in the Smoky Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, on islands at Ouachita Lake, along rivers and creeks, visited over half of the states in the US, but their very favorite place to camp was in the Mark Twain National Forest at a remote place named “Paddy Creek”.  After many years of happy camping, Bob and Pat discovered a really wonderful bed and breakfast called “Rock Eddy Bluff”, located along the Bluffs of the Gasconade River. They talked with the owners Tom and Kathy and learned a little bit about what it would be like to run a “rustic” bed and breakfast. They decided to start looking at property to see if they could find a place to start their own B & B. They started looking in the fall of 2005. They looked at farms and hunting properties all over Missouri ranging from 25 acres to 200 acres and finally they found it! This beautiful 111-acre farm nestled in Schaefer Hollow. They realized immediately the potential the property held; springs, pine forests, hayfields, pastures, barn, workshop, rocks, an old farmhouse and a rustic hunting cabin.  Bob and Pat hope that by making Patty Creek Farm a B & B, they can acquaint people to some of the finer points of camping, while still having the luxuries of indoor living. They hope everyone who visits their farm has the opportunity to get reacquainted with nature and understand that the important things in life really are the simple things! 

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